Who is Owner of Your Money, Creditors, Loans or Cards


Who owns your money ? What a question without a link, right? But you have already stopped to think about who is really the owner of your money, the same that you earn with your work every month. As obvious as the answer seems to be, this is a question that should be asked every day, until your answer is more favorable. Analyzing all the people who send us emails questioning about various financial matters, we can say that besides you, other 2 people are owners of your money.


The Creditors


1) The lender is usually a legal person, in some cases it may be an individual, they are the ones who lend or lend money to you, including some friends and family. For you to know if the lenders are your money owners, make the accounts of everything you own and how much you receive to know the amount they have to be separated for debt payments.

In that account, include your apartment or house, your car, bonds to win, pension and anything you can use to make immediate money. Add to the account, personal loans , credit limit, real estate financing, vehicles and home furniture, credit card bills, and any other debt that you have to repay, that is, list all the lenders that you owe money.


que é dono do seu dinheiro


If the total debts you have are higher than you earn, then my dear netizen, the lenders are your money owners. It is worth remembering that without the credit you have available for sure you would be bankrupt.

Do the math

If the total bill is less than you earn, you can jump for joy, paying your creditors is no difficulty in your life. Congratulations, you are a lucky one, most borrowers are slaves to your creditors, as a proverb says.

Now, if your record has just fallen, and at that moment has given a willingness to get out of this situation, ask yourself a few questions.

– Do I have financial planning?
– Where do I spend most of the money I earn?
– What is most important to me financially?
– Do I spend more money than I earn?
– Are my credit card bills up to date?
Is everything I have funded?
– How many loans am I paying at the moment?
“You owed the credit limit?”
“How much do I have left at the end of the month?”

Write down all the answers, they will sound scary at first – do not worry, everything has a way – being indebted does not mean that you can not change the place, just decide where, when and how much you will spend your money.

Where am I spending my money?

Perhaps who increases the financial costs is his wife, maybe the shop windows of the shopping centers that are very inviting, many are caught by the belly, like to eat every weekend in a different place, maybe it is the status, this is the most problematic and the most spendthrift of all, or who knows, the spender is really you.

Spending money is the easiest thing in the world, to know where it was spent, not so much, so the advice is to get all the bank statements from the last three months, the bills of the credit cards, the financing bills and everything else that is taking money out of your pocket.

The urge

3 -) If most of your spending was done by pure impulse – trips, dinners, pizza hut, branded shoes, famous glasses, shopping for clothes and shoes, utensils, beauty products, gifts, ballads, beer with friends etc. . With money that you do not have (the credit), the Impulso besides being its owner, owns your money.

To finish, ask the 3 G’s question for yourself, which is more important financially for you now: making money, spending money or saving money, set your priority.